The TUFFEST STUFF CT Registry Exam Review On-Demand

Course Format: Online Video
Course Credit: 0.00
Rewards Points Earned: 0
Course Category: CT, *Imaging
Course Cost: $399.99
Mobile Friendly: Yes
Course Release Date: May 14, 2018
Course Expiration Date: December 30, 2019
Program Summary:

The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review is an ONLINE, ON-DEMAND course composed by Mike Enriquez to prepare students for the information that will be covered in the CT Registry Exam. The Tuffest Stuff CT Registry Review is split into 4 sections, each with their own post-test and review materials. Each section is approved for 4 category A CE credits for a presentation total of 16 category A CE credits. COURSE PARTICIPANTS ARE strongly encouraged to download the presentation slides as provided in order to maximize their learning experience. Participants are also required to pass each respective Section CE examination with a minimum percentage of 75% in order to be awarded CE credit. Each participant is allowed 3 opportunities to pass each Section CE examination. Participants who fail to achieve 75% on their 3rd attempt will be afforded the opportunity to repeat the appropriate section(s) of the course at a reduced rate.

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