Review: Digital, Fluoroscopic and Adaptive Radiography

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Digital, Fluoroscopic and Adaptive Radiography (CE)
Course Format: Online Video
Course Credit Type: CE
Course Credit: 1.00
Course Category: *Imaging
Course Producer: FluoroRadPro, LLC
Course Cost: Included in Campus License
Course Release Date: November 09, 2017
Course Expiration Date: September 09, 2019

Program Summary:

Radiation Protection has become one of the hottest topics in radiography. With the advent of digital equipment in the past 2 decades, technique-ing and the proper use of the AEC have become lost arts. Because of this over radiation has run rampant everywhere in the country.
Since radiation protection is a major theme of this presentation, I will be showing how much scatter comes from an AP chest patient, how much more anatomy you get if you use a 72” SID versus a 40” SID, and how to save dose by increasing the SID. In addition, I will be discussing C-Arm scatter in the OR during a cross table lateral hip and at 0, 45 and 90 degrees to the II.
This presentation will also demonstrate 3 wonderful adaptive radiography “tips and tricks” that will be beneficial to new and seasoned radiographers. These include anterior ribs, sternums and the ping pong ball experiment for free air and air fluid levels.


  1. Explain which angle has the least amount of scatter radiation during an AP chest x-ray
  2. Describe the safest place in the room during fluoroscopy.
  3. Understands why an angle of over 10 degrees should never be used when looking for air fluid levels and free air.

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  • 2 years ago

    Emir Softic, R.T.(R)(MR)(ARRT)   /  

    This was by far the best and most useful webinar presentation I have ever seen so far in the past 6 years as Radiologic Technologist. Even though I am currently working as a MRI Technologist I would recommend this presentation to anyone in x-ray field as a must see show. Phenomenal! My compliments to the author and utmost respect for every detail that was presented here and yes I am going to forward it to another 100+ technologists on my list.


    Emir Softic, R.T.(R)(MR)(ARRT)

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